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Educatorguru is a website made to share information regarding the Education, research, study abroad, career opportunities  and other things that are required for a newly sprouting individual to sustain in this society. It might include all the information related to a person's life entirely. 

Our website is of the URL - https://educatorguru.blogspot.com .

We don't hold responsibility for activities or consequences of any third parties who might take our content. We only take responsibility for the direct involvement of any individual through the transactions or actions done through our secured urls.

We publish things which are related to

1: Education news and Learning adequates
2: Scientific temper and Science promotion
3: Career and life advancements
4: Jobs and related news
5: Research and science

However, we do not publish

1: Illegal, crime oriented or pornographic content
2: DMCA violating digital content
3: content with copyrights, without prior license
4: contents that is harmful to the children or pedophia

At the same time we also publish contents that are

1: Highly truthful
2: Scientific
3: Fact oriented
4: Hoax breaking
5: Anti-Superstitious
6: Democracy promoting
7: Gender and Sexual orientation neutral
8: Feministic, Revolutionary views

Almost all the content on this website are either collected from open resources on the internet and publicly available websites. 

We don't

take any information of the user entering the website https://educatorguru.blogspot.com
use the information that may be available via cookies or cache for any purpose
Sell any user engaged data to external or third parties
Use any information provided by the user on the website via any means

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